In the Park Productions

Our Team

Meg Deyell

Artistic Director

Described by renowned musical director John Foreman as “one of the best stage managers in
Australia”, Meg’s career spans two decades as well as the globe. Switching between roles such as
Director, Production-, Stage-, Tour- and Orchestra Manager across disciplines including music
concerts, theatre, film, television and musical theatre, she is known for her ability to remain calm
under pressure and love of multi-tasking.

Career highlights include the multi-award winning Richard III (MTC), The Dream (Bell
Shakespeare), Blood Wedding (STC), The Histrionic (Malthouse/STC), Stravinsky’s A Soldier’s
Tale (ACO/Bell Shakespeare), Eddie Perfect’s Shane Warne the Musical, touring Japan and Europe
with George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Fox8’s Ultimate School Musical, Victorian Opera’s critically
acclaimed William Tell and A Little Night Music, Moses Kaufman’s 33 Variations with EGOT
actress Ellen Burstyn, and supervising the music at Russell Crowe’s wedding. Meg spent eight
years with Melbourne musical theatre producers The Production Company as their resident stage
Meg is one of the four founding Creative Directors of the HOPE: New Works Development
Initiative, which aims to support creative developments of new Australian Musical Theatre work.
The HOPE Initiative won two 2021 Green Room Awards, for Contribution to Development/New
Work and Community Building/Advocacy.

Renee Mackenzie

Executive Director

Renee is a founding director of In The Park Productions and has been performing in and producing theatre works for the better part of the last 20 years.

Renee studied performance alongside undergraduate health studies in prosthetics and orthotics and has trained as a make-up artist specialising in special effects.

Alongside producing and performing for In The Park, she holds a doctorate in Organisational Psychology and works as an academic in Allied Health. Renee chairs the Executive Board for In The Park Productions, is an advocate for collaborative Arts in local community and an avid cheesecake baker.


In The Park Board

Chairperson of the Board – Dr Renee Mackenzie

Board Members:   Meg Deyell, Kerry Jones, Greg Price, Samuel Wilson, Kitty van Cuylenburg